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Hey Google, turn off the Front Door Camera.

Meet your Google Assistant. Your own personal Google, always ready to help.


Ask it to control your EZVIZ camera motion alerts without having to reach for your phone or tablet.

Manage your motion alerts

Control your motion alerts using your voice with the Google Assistant.
Enable or disable the camera motion alerts,
“Hey Google, turn on
the Living Room camera.”
Check your camera’s motion alerts status,
“Hey Google, is the
Front Door camera on?”
Note: The EZVIZ skill within the Google Assistant does not power off or power on the camera with the Google Assistant voice command, instead it enables or disables motion alerts within the EZVIZ app.

Set it up

Set it up
Once connected, tell the Google Assistant,

“Hey Google, turn on Front Door Camera.”

EZVIZ Cameras work with the Google Assistant

  • mini-trooper
    Mini Trooper

  • mini-360-plus
    Mini 360 Plus

  • mini-plus
    Mini Plus

  • mini-o
    Mini O

  • Mini-O-1080p
    Mini O 1080p

  • husky

  • ezGuard-1080p
    ezGuard 1080p

  • ez360-Pano
    ez360 Pano

EZVIZ works with the Google Assistant is currently only available in the United States and Canada. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.